Sending Pics To Grandma, No Smartphone Needed

Sending Pics To Grandma, No Smartphone Needed

When it will come to preserving in touch with the grandparents, a lack of familiarity with modern technology can get in the way. [palmerabollo] wished to share photos with his grandmother, but uncovered that it was difficult as she did not have a smartphone or an World-wide-web connection to get pics. As a result, a custom made construct for grandma was in order! (translated)

To minimise maintenance specifications, the make relies on a thermal receipt printer. Each individual roll of thermal paper is superior for printing off about 150 photographs prior to needing a modify, so it is a very low-price tag, fuss-free of charge remedy with no need to have for ink changeovers.

A Raspberry Pi Zero 2W operates the display, paired with a HAT that provides cellular world-wide-web connectivity. Photos are sent in excess of Telegram with some custom made Python code that [palmerabollo] put alongside one another. The procedure employs the Python “thermalprinter” library, with the Floyd-Steinberg dithering algorithm baked in letting good quality even on the very simple thermal printer.

It is a entertaining develop, and allows [palmerabollo] send out his grandmother pleasurable pics and messages devoid of necessitating any effort and hard work on her portion. It is super cute to see the photographs trapped up on the fridge, as well.

There’s loads of enjoyable to be had with thermal printers, so never be worried to get stuck in on your own! Movie immediately after the crack.

[Thanks to palmacas for the tip!]