Immersive exhibit explores our relationship to technology and ecology

Immersive exhibit explores our relationship to technology and ecology

A new group exhibition opening at The Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver this spring aims to unlock the real likely of the metaverse by dismantling binaries.

Ghosts of the Machine, an immersive multimedia show that opens on Friday, June 3, explores the interactions concerning individuals, technological know-how, and ecology.

Website visitors to the Lower Lonsdale gallery will find out a new commission by Stop Wyss (Skwxwú7mesh) and functions by Ho Tzu Nyen, Juliana Huxtable, Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Lu Yang, Skawennati, and Santiago Tamayo Soler.

Ghosts of the Machine

Skawennati, Start of an Avatar (Homage to Mariko Mori), 2017/Submitted

In accordance to curator Elliott Ramsey, the expression “ghost in the machine” refers to the brain-overall body duality.

“(It is) the idea of the ‘mind’ as software program inhabiting the ‘body’ as hardware,” stated Ramsey in a launch. “Such binaries aren’t actual. The brain doesn’t exist without having the overall body.”

Ramsey extra that a similar matter occurs when we consider to split the virtual world from the real environment.

“Virtual areas count on product hardware — with ecological implications — and are knowledgeable physically,” Ramsey discussed. “Similarly, we have serious social and political interactions on electronic platforms. We can’t constrain reality into ‘real’ and ‘virtual.’ We stop up sliding throughout these boundaries like ghosts by way of partitions.”

Ghosts of the Machine

Santiago Tamayo Soler, Retornar, 2021, made as element of the PHI Montreal 2021 Residency/Submitted

The Ghosts of the Device artists employed know-how to thrust the boundaries of the medium as effectively as give insights into materials, social, and environmental circumstances.

Highlights consist of Nyen’s No Man II, an installation that makes use of projection and audio with a two-way mirror to encompass the viewer with dozens of avatars, not all of which are human.

Ghosts of the Machine

Ho Tzu Nyen, No Guy II, 2017, Courtesy of Artist, Galerie Michael Janssen, Edouard Malingue Gallery/Submitted

Lu Yang’s Doku: Digital Alaya collection explores the relationships concerning human, nonhuman, and cyborg life. Santiago Tamayo Soler’s Rotornar results in a parable of queer avatars and an Earth in crisis.

Ziggy and the Starfish by Anne Duk Hee Jordan is an interactive sculpture that becomes a cozy, little theatre the place guests can view otherworldly sea animals seduce every other.

Ghosts of the Machine

Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Ziggy and the Starfish, element from online video set up, 2016/Submitted

And Skawennati has made eyecatching machinimagraphs for the exhibition. The photos captured in digital scenarios highlight her dimension-defying avatar from the on the web match Second Existence.

Ghosts of the Equipment will be exhibited from June 3 to August 14. Community programming related to the exhibition will just take place on Thursday evenings through the summer season.

Ghosts of the Machine

Lu Yang, Hell Realm #1, 2021

Two small film plans will be screened, in addition to VR experiences curated and programmed by IM4. And Wyss and her daughter, Senaqwila Wyss, will host talks and character walks in Harmony Gardens.

Ghosts of the Machine at The Polygon Gallery

When: Wednesday to Sunday from June 3 to August 14, 2022
Time: 10 am to 5 pm (open up right up until 8 pm on Thursdays)
The place: The Polygon Gallery – 101 Carrie Cates Court docket, North Vancouver
Admission: By donation