CHAR Technologies Ltd. is decarbonizing for a circular economy

CHAR Technologies Ltd. is decarbonizing for a circular economy

The firm is changing organic waste into renewable gases and biocarbon for a decarbonized world

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  • Renewable vitality projects throughout North The usa to occur on the web with a lot more envisioned to be part of the progress cycle

CHAR Systems Ltd. (TSXV:Of course) is a leading cleantech growth and environmental solutions enterprise. They specialize in providing revolutionary support and technological innovation alternatives that are environmentally sustainable and charge-productive for their consumers.

A single of the winners in this year’s TSX Enterprise 50, the organization troubles the boundaries of technological innovation.

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CharTech Solutions’ proprietary Large Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) technology transforms tough natural squander streams (biomass, biosolids, digestate) into a few renewable and useful outputs by heating the elements at large temperatures in the absence of oxygen:

Renewable power

  • The HTP method converts a part of the natural and organic feedstock into a superior-calorific value and hydrogen-wealthy syngas.
  • This syngas can be utilized in a selection of approaches: offsetting pure gas consumption for industrial procedures, as very well as the technology of electrical power, environmentally friendly hydrogen and Renewable Purely natural Gas (RNG).

Carbon unfavorable

  • The HTP course of action is autothermal, results in its own vitality and thus does not require exterior heat resources.
  • Surplus vitality is produced from the approach, resulting in a carbon unfavorable system for organic waste streams.

Biocarbon products

  • The remaining solids just after the HTP process are converted into a good carbon item termed biocarbon.
  • It can be utilized as a Biochar fertilizer and soil modification solution that improves soil well being and sequesters carbon, as a pollutant filter (activated charcoal, SulfaCHARTM) and as a biocoal product (CleanFyreTM). Biocarbons can offset the use of source-intensive options and fix carbon prolonged-phrase in a stable sort.
  • When employed as a biocoal (CleanFyreTM) to offset fossil coal utilized in industrial processes, CleanFyreTM drastically lessens GHG emissions — great for decarbonizing large industries such as steel and cement.

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